• Welcome to 6 centuries of history.

    Urtubie Castle
  • The prehistoric caves of Sare, "Lezea", have not changed in 2 million years! Once you pass the porch entrance, among the biggest of Aquitaine, you are immediately immersed in huge rooms of breathtaking dimensions, a privileged place where you can take some time…and forget time!

    The Prehistoric Caves of Sare
  • Welcome to 6 centuries of history.

    Urtubie Castle
  • The Museum of Guéthary was created in the fifties in the villa Saraleguinea to welcome the donation of the sculptor George Clement Swiecinski (sculptures, ceramics, drawings)

    Museum of Guétary
  • In the middle of the moor, overhanging the sheer clives on a promontory overlooking the water of Hendaye, the Château Observatory of Abbadia is listed Historical Monument. With his Gothic revival architecture, this enchanting dwelling is inspired by many travels of the learned person who leaved here.

    Chateau Observatory of Abbadia
  • Each building of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port reminds the visitor of past times. From the Citadel, Ramparts, “Maison des Etats de Navarre”, gothic Church to the House of Mansart – all old age time stones. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is an ancient gothic town. The Bishops’ Prison is lesser legal protection than listed building status.

    The Bishops’ Prison
  • Welcome to the Espace Chemins-Bideak in Saint-Palais, Basque Country. Exhibitions, cloister, garden, dive into the History of Lower Navarre.

    Espace Chemins-Bideak
  • “He who enters here is at home”

    Visitors know they are welcome in this Musée de France that, in addition to an exceptionally rich ethnographic collection dedicated to the Basque Country, offers temporary exhibitions, tailored visits to suit your schedule, workshops, events and activities, a shop, and more besides.

    The Basque and History of Bayonne Museum
  • Church of the Hospital Saint-Blaise

Les animaux sont omniprésents sur le massif de la Rhune ! Lors de votre balade, vous croiserez à coup sûr des pottoks, petits chevaux basque vivant en semi-liberté. Pensez à lever les yeux au ciel et vous suprendrez le vol de rapaces tournoyant sur les hauteurs.

Dans les gorges de Kakuetta, la nature est omniprésente ! Sous vos pieds et tout autour de vous, l'eau, la roche, mais aussi nombre de plantes terrestres et aquatiques. Au-dessus de vous, les vautours planent sur fond de ciel parfois bleu, parfois très lumineux.

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Urtubie Castle The Villa Arnaga
The Basque and History of Bayonne Museum Chateau Observatory of Abbadia Isturitz and Oxocelhaya Caves
The Bishops’ Prison
Church of the Hospital Saint-Blaise
The Prehistoric Caves of Sare
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